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  • "Pearl OS
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  • "Pearl OS
                    available in MATE XFCE GNOME and PearlDE"
  • "New Website
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  • "Pearl OS available in MATE XFCE GNOME and PearlDE"

Welcome To Pearl Linux OS

On Dec. 25, 2016 Pearl MATE 5.0 64 bit version was released.  This release is very different from previous Pearl releases in that many desktop utilities including the updating of software and new software installations plus many other features that are similar to Linux Mint.  What makes Pearl different however are some added features found with the Ubuntu MATE distribution such as MATE Tweak.  Tho Pearl is in no way associated with either Linux Mint or Ubuntu MATE,  with some minor code changes we were able to enjoy the best from both these fine distributions as well as incorporate it into the basic Pearl system.

On every Pearl Linux release what you can always expect is the overall default themeto be as close to the Snow Leopard OSX system as possible according to the  desktop environment which release was built on the appearance and feel may vary slightly.  Compiz Effects is also something you can expect from Pearl on all releases.  We also provide PinguyBuilder which is software used to make an image of your live system that you have customized, and make your own  LIVE Linux USB installer. Just as in the past with Remastersys, PinguyBuilder has stopped support for their software. Under most conditions PinguyBuilder still works on Ubuntu 16.04 and most distros modeled after that release however we changed some code to make it work with 5.0 which due to running the Linux Mint style utilities were needed to not have installer issues. Also with all Pearl releases we use Thunar file manager with our standard extra right click customized command pre installed. This is a feature aimed torward the advanced user as well a newbees.

Pearl MATE 5.0  comes with many themes. New to Pearl 5.0 are a few Flat icon themes and Windows 10 7, 8 and XP themes.

As with Pearl 4.0 series as well as 3 it's base is build from the Ubuntu 16.04 LTR core so long term support is provided both from the Ubuntu repository as well as our own repository. 




Our release Pearl Linux OS 4.0 (neeko) is now available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. 4.0 features our custom desktop environment PearlDE. PearlDE is a blend of LXDE XFCE4 and Compiz.  This desktop environment has 5 pre-configured sessions to choose from at login screen. PearlDE-FX (default) - OS X style layout with desktop effects, PearlDE - OS X style using XFWM without desktop effects, and LXDE -  Windows XP style, Gnome Flashback Compiz -OS X style with effects Gnome Flashback Metacity - OS X  style without effects. Each session is also cutomizable through the Pearl System Control. Pearl Linux OS 4.0 relies on our own repository for base system and included software however include the full Ubuntu 16.04 repositories for adding additional software. Adding PPA's is also supported.
Many people complain about the large downloads when doing an update on Ubuntu based distros with Pearl 4.0 once you have customized your system to your liking you may choose to un check the Ubuntu repository info using "Software and Updates" in your Pearl System Settings.

Pearl MATE Lite 4.0  (neeko) is now also available for download here.

The latest release Pearl OS 3.0 (tooey) is available in 3 desktop environments; PearlDE both 32 and 64 bit , MATE 32 bit, MATE Lite 32 bit and Gnome 64 bit.  This version is also based on 16.04 however it relies on Ubuntu repositories primarily with no updates from the Pearl Repo and less customized code from the Pearl repository.


Pearl  Linux has been offering iso images for download through sourceforge.net since late 2014. The early releases were based on Ubuntu 14.04. As of Pearl OS 3.0 the base is based on Ubuntu 16.04.  These days its not that easy  to find many distros still using compiz for the desktop effects. Since the start of Pearl years ago every release at least has the option to use compiz. When using compiz it does require a bit more of the computer power to run smoothly however I, like many others really do like at least the option to play a little. For newbies to Linux there is a word of caution I'll through out there, if playing around beyond what we setup as default beware you may end up with a computer that simply wont respond at all. For this reason we have a file in your home directory called " Pearl-Compiz-Default-Settings". It's very easy to regain control if you went a bit too far while playing with the more wild effects offered through the compiz window manager.

Pearl Linux 4.0  Screenshots

screenshot 1      screenshot 2
screenshot 3

screenshot 5

Adding  Software

August  28,  2016

We added two more software installers to the 3 already installed by default.

Please understand there is a reason behind the madness ...lol that this so you all can pick the interface that you prefer to use from the working examples installed.  With the addition of the "Pearl Featured Software Installer"  its eay to add and remove some of the software that is the most requested.

When we released 4.0 their were still issues with AppGrid but I'm happy to announce its available on Pearl and it's running smooth.

screenshot 4

screenshot 6

About 4.0 Release 

Pearl Linux OS 4.0  Released Available in both 64 and 32 bit Starting with 4.0 Pearl instead of releasing many releases in a variety of desktop environments we are focusing on our new PDE version which is our own customized DE . It features 4 independent session logins with different styles for each. Default Is PearlDE-FX which includes desktop effects with compiz. 2nd is PearlDE using a customized version of  the XFWM. And lastly, GNOME.
Its GNOME Flashback with one login with effects and one with Metacity Window Manager.